Laser Tag

On Friday, October 24th, we are going to hold a laser tag social event. The location at which we will be playing laser tag is Skateland in Savoy, IL. The reason for this is that Skateland is on the bus route that leads back to the UIUC campus. Below you will find information regarding general information about the event, travel, and price. We hope that many of you join us for some competitive laser tag this friday.


208 W. Curtis Road
Savoy, IL 61874

Google Maps


We plan on playing a total of 2 games each, which would cost $10 in total per person.
Each game would consist of 10 minutes of laser tag.

Time and Travel

Skateland is located off campus. However, we chose this location such that students can get to there easily via the bus.

Our goal is to arrive at Skateland around 7 PM. We will play our two games between 7-9 PM. We hope to finish by 9 PM such that we can get to the bus stop in time.

The bus schedule will take us from transit plaza to a bus stop .21 miles from Skateland. Members can take the 1S Yellow and 100S Yellow to go to and from Skateland respectively. Below are the itineraries from the CUMTD website describing the route and maps of the locations.

Transit Plaza -> Skateland

Bus: 1S Yellow
Arrive: 6:49 PM and walk to Skateland
Transit Plaza -> Skateland

Skateland -> Transit Plaza

Bus: 100S Yellow
Time: We will hopefully board this bus at 9:18 PM. We will try our hardest to leave by this time. If laser tag lasts longer, we will wait for the bus at 10:18 PM.
Skateland -> Transit Plaza 9:18 PM
Skateland -> Transit Plaza 10:18 PM

We will have club officer at the bus stop in Savoy to ensure club member find Skateland and get back to the bus stop in time.

Closing Remarks

We hope that you join us for some fun outside of video games and board games. This event will provide an alternate means to get to know other club members. If you have any questions, go ahead and post it in the Facebook group chat.


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