What is Illinites?

Illintes is an event held by the Illini Union. They invite certain RSO’s and entertainment like events for the enjoyment of University of Illinois students.

Why is SGC at Illinites?

We hold a “general meeting” like event at Illinites. We provide consoles games for everyone to play, whether they are club members of students attending Illinites. We attend Illinites both to provide a means for our members and students alike to enjoy our club equipment and to promote the club to the general student population.

Where and when can you find SGC at Illinites?

The first Illinites we will be attending is on Friday, September 26th from 9-12 PM. The union provides ample space for us to set up consoles in the basement of the Illini Union. You can find us at the food court area closest to the Rec Room.

Why should you come to Illinites?

In general we try to have as much fun during Illinites as we do at our general meetings. While the focus during Illinites is more on console games, feel free to bring board games and PCs and such to play with others. We really are just trying to have a good time gaming while promoting the club. We hope some of you will check us out at Illinites on the 18th.


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