Super Smash Bros. 64 Fall 2012

General Information

The tournament will be comprised of three “Duel Tournament” group stages, seeding into an 8-player double- elimination bracket. Seeding for the second and third stages, as well as bracket seeding, is based off of previous results. Registration is capped at 64 players.

Location and time

The tournament will be held in David Kinley Hall, Room 314 from 4PM to 10PM on December 9.

Prize pool and entry fee

The entry fee per player is $5 for students and $10 for non-students. The prize pool and distribution is dependent on the number of players and the amount of money pulled in via entry fees. As a general rule, we will pay prizes to the top 20-25% of players, and they will be paid 50-80% of the total entry fees.

Group format

Each group will follow the “Duel Tournament” format. This is a format popularized by Korean StarCraft leagues such as the GOMTV StarCraft II League and the MBCGame StarLeague, where it was called the “Survivor” format. This format also was previously used in September for our Brawl tournament, to great success. The format allows for more second chances than a standard double-elimination format, but is not as long as a standard Round-Robin group stage. The format is as follows:

Players will be split into groups of 4.

Each player will have a few minutes to set up any custom controls.

Match A: Seed 1 v Seed 4

Match B: Seed 2 v Seed 3

Winners’ Match (C): Winner A v Winner B, winner advances as first place in group

Losers’ Match (D): Loser A v Loser B, loser is eliminated

Final Match: Loser C v Winner D, winner advances as second place in group, loser is eliminated

For those of you still confused, this is how the MBC StarLeague explains the format.

Match format

The map pool is Hyrule Castle, Dream Land, and Congo Jungle.

Each match is Best of 3, with possible Best of 5 or Best of 7 for the semis and finals if time allows.

For the first set in each match, both players double-blind pick their character choices and play on a random stage from the map pool.

For subsequent sets in the match, the “slob pick” format is used: The loser of the previous match picks the stage, the winner picks his or her character, and then the loser picks his or her character.

Each set is 4 lives. There are no hard restrictions on stalling or infinites, but blatant delay of game will be grounds for a loss.

The creation of any gameplay-inhibiting glitch will result in a set loss for the player who initiated the glitch. Players are responsible for knowing their characters’ capabilities.

Surrendering, resigning, and otherwise ending the game before it is completed is discouraged, due to possible confusion.

Sportsmanship and Cheating

Players and spectators are asked to follow the Social Gaming Club Public Event Conduct Guidelines.


The first group stage will be seeded randomly via random number generator. The following group stages and the playoffs will be seeded as follows:

1. Players are first sorted by overall set differential.
2. Players with the same set differential are then sorted by the number of first place finishes they have achieved.
3. Players that are still tied will be sorted by random number generator.
4. The sorted list of players is split into four groups. The first group becomes the first seed, etc.
5. The first and second seed in each group are seeded in order. The third and fourth seed in each group are seeded in reverse order. The playoffs will be seeded 18362745.

In this way, advancing as the group winner will reward you more than advancing as the second place, and defeating an opponent 2-0 will reward you greater than defeating an opponent 2-1.

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