Pokemon: Spring 2013

Tournament format

The tournament will be a double-elimination format. Upper Bracket rounds are Bo3 while Lower Bracket rounds are Bo1. The Finals is a Bo5 with the player from the Upper Bracket having a 1-game advantage.

Match format

Each match will be played on Pokemon Showdown on a private server provided by tournament organizers. Matches follow Smogon’s 5th Generation “Overused” (OU) Pokemon lists, rules, and all associated competitive clauses. Teams must be submitted at registration and may not be changed. You may submit up to ten Pokemon that may be swapped in and out between games.

Competitive clauses in effect

Sleep Clause: If a player causes two of the opponent’s Pokemon to affected by Sleep, that player loses the game. The only exception is when the first instance of Sleep was caused by the Rest move.

Evasion Clause: If a player attempts to use a move that has the sole effect of raising a Pokemon’s evasion stat, that player loses the game.

OHKO Clause: If a player attempts to use any of the moves Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Fissure, or Guillotine, that player loses the game.

Species Clause: A player may not play a roster with multiple Pokemon that share a National Pokedex number. You may submit a roster with multiple Pokemon with the same National Pokedex number, but may not play both of them in the same game.

These rules should be enforced by the system, but they are put here so that people are aware of them.

Note: Item Clause is not in effect.


Registration opens at 4PM on Sunday, April 7, with matches starting at 4:30. Later rounds will start as soon as possible after the preceding rounds.


Please bring laptops if you have them. We will attempt to supply adequate power strips. If you do not have a laptop, we will make every possible accommodation. (Please ensure that you have your team on a flash drive)

Entry fee and prize pool

The entry fee is $5 per person. The prize pool will be paid as a fraction of all entry fees depending on the number of registrations; usually 50-80%.

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