League of Legends Spring 2013 Rules

Tournament structure

The tournament will be a 6-round Swiss System bracket. Each round, constituting a “match”, will be two games; each team will play one game as purple side and one game as blue side. The top 4 teams will be seeded into a single-elimination bracket to determine the top 4 places. Semifinals and the 3rd place match are Bo3; Finals are Bo5. The finals will be in-person; everything else is entirely online.

If there are strictly less than 16 teams, the main event will only be 4 rounds long.

In the event of a tie in the top 4, the following tiebreaks will be applied in order: the Median-Buchholz system, the Solkoff system, the Neustadtl system, the Cumulative system, the Kashdan system, random number generator.

Eligibility and entry fee

Eligibility is open to all summoners with an active League of Legends account on the North American Server, conditional on the following restrictions.

The entry fee per team is $25. Teams that have players who are not students or faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign must pay an extra $5 per player; this will result in the prize pool being adjusted accordingly. Up to two substitutes are allowed, but prizes will only be given to five players per team. Players who play fewer than 3 games are not eligible to play in the semifinals or finals. Players are not allowed to play for multiple teams. Without exception, at least one player from each team (the coordinator) must be a UIUC student.

Teams are not allowed to have an average solo/duo top rating exceeding 1700. A player’s top rating is defined as the maximum of their Season 2 and Season 3 Elos. This average will only take into account the top 5 players on each team (for teams with substitutes). If this applies to you, please split up your high-elo players into separate teams. Players who did not finish Season 2 with visible Elo will be treated as 1200.

Smurfing to bypass the elo cap is strictly prohibited. Riot has ways of detecting smurfs, and we will use them to our fullest capacity.

It is your own responsibility to check these requirements before entering; we will only formally check teams before seeding into the semifinals bracket, and if you do not meet these requirements you may be disqualified without warning. If you aren’t sure, please contact the administrators a reasonable time before the tournament begins, and we can resolve the situation.

Prize pool

The prize pool is based on the number of teams that enter. Any profits made from this event will be spent on purchasing equipment for the Social Gaming Club, paying venue fees, and further improving future events. This is a sample prize pool (per player) for 16 registered teams:

First place: $20 + $20 in RP + Triumphant Ryze

Second place: $10 + $15 in RP

Third place: $5 + $10 in RP

Fourth place: $5 + $5 in RP


Registration will be taken in-person at the pre-tournament party on January 27. Registration will also be taken at the Social Gaming Club general meeting on February 2 from 1-8PM in Gregory Hall 100. We may also have a last-minute registration event the day of the tournament; location and time for this is TBD. Players are encouraged to bring as much of their team as possible for registration, as we love taking pictures.

If you do not have a team, you are encouraged to submit your contact information to the free agent roster, located here. You are also encouraged to come to the pre-tournament party and mingle with other summoners.

Before registering, each team coordinator should submit an “Intent to Register” form online. This is not registration, as the form is not binding. In addition, you will still have to fill out all your information again when officially registering. This is not required but saves us a lot of headache.

Event schedule

Please see the schedule page.

Side events

Please see the parent page for details.

Technical details

The information in this section applies only to the main event matches played on February 8-10. Details for the Semifinals and Finals will be communicated to the relevant team coordinators at the conclusion of the main event.

All games will be played on the North American server in private custom games. Games should be hosted on Summoner’s Rift, Tournament Draft. The team listed first shall play Blue Side first and be given the responsibility of making the game and inviting the opposing team. If either team wishes it, picks and bans should be done in-game, rather than in-chat.

If the opposing team is uncontactable at match time, please notify the administrators as soon as possible. Forfeit wins may be granted after a reasonable amount of time.

Tournament draft should be used so that pause will be enabled. To pause, any player may type “/pause”, and “/unpause” to unpause. Pause should only be used in the case that a player has disconnected or is having other problems. Abusive pausing (e.g. during teamfights) should be reported immediately to the administrators and may result in severe consequences.

Either team may request a remake of the game with same champions and sides if 1) it is before 5 minutes and 2) first blood has not been drawn. This is meant for cases where the game is misconfigured and/or a player has taken the wrong runes and masteries.

All matches will be announced in the official stream and posted on our website. Third-party or team-affiliated streams must be approved by the administrators. Generally, these streams must be through spectator mode (no first person streaming) and must not be set up to delay the tournament.

During the main event, all coordinators should be in channel “UIUC” and add “Oritart” in-game in case there are any questions. Coordinators should be online at all times; when AFK between matches, please set your in-game status to indicate when you will be back. There is no physical location for this tournament, but you are welcome to come play at the Social Gaming Club meeting on Friday and Saturday.

To report a result, use the “report a match” form on the main page. You must include a LoLReplay spectator file (e.g. not the first-person file). Please remember that LoLReplay will continue processing the replay until ~3 minutes after the game ends, so please wait for that to happen before sending in your replay. Summoners of the Social Gaming Club will cast every single non-corrupted replay that is sent in.


Each team is allowed to register 7 players, who may be freely swapped between games. However, prizes will only be given to 5 players per team; you may share the prizes or pick your favorites. In addition, only players who play at least 3 games for their team during the main event will be eligible to play Semifinal or Finals rounds. The Elo cap rule will only be calculated for the top 5 players on each team.


Penalties may be imposed by the administrators for breaking rules, cheating, or excessively unsportsmanlike behavior. Cheating is defined in the Social Gaming Club Public Events Guidelines. Penalties may include: a warning, loss of tiebreak points, forfeiture of the set, forfeiture of the match, removal from the tournament, and a permanent ban from future Social Gaming Club events. In addition, if necessary, the relevant authorities may be contacted as well.


For questions regarding the rules or any comments, please email uiucsocialgamers@gmail.com, contact Oritart in-game, or ask on the Social Gaming Club and/or UIUC League of Legends facebook pages.

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