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Spring 2012

The Gaming for Charity event for 2012 concluded as a success. We raised $671, far exceeding our initial goal of $300! Thanks to all who donated money, and to all who helped run the event!

The full schedule for Spring 2012 can be seen here. Note that the schedule may be subject to change due to technical issues. Unlisted games may be played when scheduled games finish prematurely. All times are in Central Standard Time.


Stream 1 Game

Stream 2 Game

12:00 AM Viewtiful Joe Super Mario World
1:00 AM (cont.) (cont.)
2:00 AM (cont.) (cont.)
3:00 AM (cont.) (cont.)
4:00 AM Fable Starfox 64
5:00 AM (cont.) (cont.)
6:00 AM (cont.) Metal Gear Solid
7:00 AM Banjo Kazooie
8:00 AM (cont.) (cont.)
9:00 AM (cont.) (cont.)
10:00 AM Deus Ex: Human Revolution
11:00 AM Bastion Sly 3
12:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
1:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
2:00 PM Portal 2 (cont.)
3:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
4:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
5:00 PM Metroid Fusion
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
6:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
7:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
8:00 PM Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Super Mario 64
9:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
10:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
11:00 PM (cont.) (cont.)
12:00 AM (cont.) (cont.)

We hope you enjoy our selection!

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