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24 Hours of Plumbing!!
Other Awesome People Playing Awesome Games!!

What is it?

The Gaming for Charity event is a 24 hour gaming marathon, streamed live for the entertainment value of all who want to watch.  The purpose of the show will be to raise money for the charity organization Child’s Play.  The money would come from the completely voluntary (and greatly appreciated!) donations from our viewing audience.

In 2012, our goal was $300, and we raised $671.  Let’s see if we can beat that!

When is it?

The show starts on 12:00 AM Saturday and goes until 12:00 AM Sunday.  Feel free to pop your head in from time to time during different parts of the show (we’ll be in the ISR multipurpose rooms), or just watch the games that you’re interested in watching!

How will it work?

There will be two live streams set up for your viewing pleasure.  Multiple members of the Social Gaming Club will be spending their Saturday playing an assortment of video games on one stream, with another single member playing through 6 or more Mario games for the full 24 hours on the other!  There will be commentary over all streams to keep you entertained.  Donations will be done through the Child’s Play Donation Widget, which we will direct you to as soon as we have it.

Where can I watch the stream?

Right here:
24 Hours of Plumbing!!
Other Awesome People Playing Awesome Games!!

I won’t be able to watch the stream, but I want to donate.  How can I do that?

Just come by this page some time during the event and use the Child’s Play donation widget!

What games will you be playing?

Our special feature this year will be a 24 hour marathon of Mario games including Super Mario Bros. 1, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Marion Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Galaxy, all completed 100% by a single human(?) being. The other stream will include a variety of games, including Sonic Adventure 2, Portal, Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, and more!

The full schedule for 2013 can be seen here.  Note that the schedule may be subject to change due to technical issues.  Unlisted games may be played when scheduled games finish prematurely.  All times are in Central Standard Time.


Stream 1 Game

24 Hours of Plumbing

12:00 AM Star Craft: Heart of the Swarm Mario Game
1:00 AM (cont.) Mario Game
2:00 AM (cont.) Mario Game
3:00 AM Veiwtiful Joe Mario Game
4:00 AM (cont.) Mario Game
5:00 AM (cont.) Mario Game
6:00 AM Cartoon Network PTE Mario Game
7:00 AM (cont.)
Mario Game
8:00 AM Bastion Mario Game
9:00 AM (cont.) Mario Game
10:00 AM Sonic Adventure 2
Mario Game
11:00 AM (cont.) Mario Game
12:00 PM (cont.) Mario Game
1:00 PM (cont.) Mario Game
2:00 PM Sonic 2 Mario Game
3:00 PM Metal Slug Mario Game
4:00 PM Journey Mario Game
5:00 PM Portal
Mario Game
6:00 PM Ocarina of Time Mario Game
7:00 PM (cont.) Mario Game
8:00 PM (cont.) Mario Game
9:00 PM (cont.) Mario Game
10:00 PM (cont.) Mario Game
11:00 PM (cont.) Mario Game
12:00 AM (cont.) Mario Game

We hope you enjoy our selection!

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