Dota 2: Fall 2012

The Dota 2 tournament will be pushed back to November 3 and 4. Details will be updated after this weekend.


Eligibility for this event follows the rules in the Social Gaming Club Public Events Conduct Guidelines. Specific edge cases should be submitted to the administrators at for resolution.

Tournament format

The tournament will be comprised of three Swiss System matches, each comprised of two games of standard Dota 2. After these three matches, one final game will be played to determine a champion, if necessary. Two of these matches will take place on Saturday October 20; the following match will take place on the next day, Sunday October 21. If more than eight teams register, a fourth match will be played, though this is unlikely.

A final match will be played between the top two teams, if they are tied. This match will be shown to a live audience on November 2, with awards ceremony shortly afterwards. Though this match will not determine prize money, it will determine who is awarded medals. (We need this much time in order to ensure that we actually get the medals.) See prizing.

A Swiss System tournament means that each team is guaranteed to be able to play all three matches, regardless of previous record. Each team will only play other teams with a previous record similar to their own.

All matches will be played online with no LAN component.

Set format

Each match will consist of two matches; each team will play Radiant and Dire once per match. Which team plays which side first will be predetermined by tournament administrators. Matches will be played in Captain’s Mode on the US East server.

Each match should be reported by both team captains to the administrators at “SGC Oritart” on Steam. Match IDs should be included for verification.

All heroes released on or after October 18 are globally banned for the duration of the event.


Registration is $30 per team, paid in-person. Our club will be in the basement of the Illini Union at Illinites on Friday, October 19. If you cannot make it at that time, you may also come to our general meeting starting at 1PM the following Saturday. Bring as much of your team as possible; we love taking pictures.

In addition, you may pre-register here. If you do so, registration drops to $25. In addition, if you are running late, we will hold registration over a little bit and wait for you. This saves us a lot of headache. Information given in the pre-registration is not binding, and may be re-stated at registration.


First place: 30% of entry fees + medals

Second place: 20% of entry fees

Third place: 10% of entry fees

These prizes will be split among any tied teams; for example, if first and second place are tied, both teams will receive 25%, rather than using tiebreaks. Tiebreaks will, however, be used to determine allocation of medals.


Friday October 19

9:00 PM-1:00 AM: Registration (at Illinites)

Saturday October 20

1:00-2:00 PM: Registration (at Gregory Hall 100)

2:30-5:30 PM: Round 1

6:00-9:00 PM: Round 2

Sunday October 21

2:30-5:30 PM: Round 3

6:00-9:00 PM: Round 4 (if needed)

Friday November 2

10:00 PM: Final Match (if needed), awards ceremony afterwards

Final Match

If, at the end of three matches, there is a tie for the best record, a final match will be played between the two highest-scoring teams. This will be a Bo1 match, with the team with the highest tiebreaks having the choice of side. If more than two teams are tied for the best record, the two highest-placing teams will play in the match. Tiebreaks will be decided by:

1. The Solkoff system.

2. Results between tied players (if any)

3. The Cumulative system.

4. Sum of game times, in won games (lower time is better)

5. Random number generator


All players should follow the rules in the Social Gaming Club Public Event Guidelines.

Technical details

For easier communication, all teams should use easily-identifiable clantags and appoint a captain to contact the administrators and other teams. (The captain is usually the one who does the picks and bans.) The captain should add “SGC Oritart” on steam sometime on Friday or Saturday for communication purposes, though all pairings and standings will be put here on the website.

Addendum: All teams should use the in-game team feature to set up their teams, for easier communication. It is encouraged to set up a logo, to aid in streaming.

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