Public Events

(Currently outdated and not in effect)

This page describes our public events hosted by the Social Gaming Club, such as tournaments and fundraisers. Our aim is to raise funds for club expenses, and to give back to the community through entertainment and philanthropy. We aim for each event to be held at least once per year.

This link details standard administrivia regarding Social Gaming Club public events.

Spring 2015

Event Date Location Archives
Smash 4 Tournament February 8 Digital Computer Lab 1320  Bracket

Fall 2014

Event Date Location Archives
Project M Tournament September 28 Lincoln Hall 1065  Bracket
Halo 3 2v2 Tourney October 26 Gregory Hall 223  Bracket

Spring 2014

Event Date Location Archives
Gaming for Charity April 12 One North Past Events
Brawl Tournament (Apex) February 16 Lincoln Hall 1065

Spring 2013

Event Date Location Archives
Gaming for Charity April 13 1103 Siebel Past Events
Pokemon tournament April 7 Illini Union
League of Legends Tournament February 8-10 Online Past Winners

Fall 2012

Event Date Location Archives
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament September 16 1103 Siebel Past Winners
League of Legends Watch Party October 13 Greg 100
Super Smash Bros. 64 Tournament December 9 DKH 314
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