Video Game Olympics

What is it?

The Video Game Olympics was invented and organized by Kieran Tobin during the spring of 2012.  Up to 20 players have participated before in this grand video game extravaganza!

When is it?

This is typically done after official club hours.  Past Olympics have begun around 7 PM.  This event was originally planned for Illinites but has since been made an after hours event.

Version 1

The first incarnation of the Video Game Olympics had 16 players split into 4 groups of 4.  Each of those groups of 4 would compete against each other in a series of events and the winner would represent his or her group in the final competition against the representatives of the other 3 groups.

Version 2

This is the version we currently use. The second version of the VG Olympics divides all of the players into 2 teams.  Great care is taken to try to make the teams equal in overall video game skill.  The two teams then compete against each other

The teams compete in a series of 3 rounds. It is the goal to try and have every possible participant play each round. The games have some competitive element that will decide a winner or loser. 1 point is awarded to the team who wins each individual game. We try and cater to all types of games. Some games may be 1v1, other 2v2, and so on.

The competition culminates with a “joke” game. This game is typically silly in nature due to wonky controls or its silly premise. Since this is a friendly competition, the “joke” game determines the “winner” of the competition.

-We are always open to suggestions on games to play in both version of the Olympics.

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