Club Events

In-house events refer to the events organized internally by the club for club members, and are organized by the Social Chair. Sometimes these are elaborate contests, involving more than one game, and are tons of fun. Sometimes these are dinners around campus, either in the dorms or on Green street. Sometimes these are more involved outings, from mini-golf to karaoke.

The Pokemon Draft

  • “Fantasy Football” Style draft
  • Speedrun a specific pokemon game with your team
  • Attempt to get the fasted time
  • See page for more details

Video Game Olympics

  • 1v1 team based video game competition
  • Compete in 3 rounds of video game madness
  • See page for more details

Club Dinners

  • Typically eat out around Green Street
  • Sometimes we take cars/buses and go outside campus

In-House Tournaments

  • Smash Bros 3ds Biweekly tournaments
  • Halo 3
  • more games to be discussed

Evening Events

  • Bowling
  • Karaoke
  • Laser tag
  • Movie Theater Night

Trivia Night

  • Jeapordy style game show were two team compete in categories related to video games
  • see page for more details


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