The Social Gaming Club is all about playing games and making friends while you do it. We try to focus primarily on the social aspect of gaming more, obviously, emphasizing  getting to know each other and the friendly rivalry that comes with games just as much as we emphasize playing the games themselves. We’re competitive when we want to be, but we don’t lose sight of the others we’re playing with.

Previously, we were known as the Casual Gamers to reflect this balance. However, since ‘casual’ now has its own meaning in gaming terms, we have come to be known as the Social Gaming Club. We strive to create an environment that a wide breadth of gamers can enjoy and network with one another. From the board game lover to the most avid of online video gamers, from competitive games to party games, it is our hope that if you like what you do, you make lots of friends and learn about a whole bunch of other games in the process!

How do you contact us?

Our club email is UIUCSocialGamers@gmail.com, however we do not check this email very often. Please direct any questions to our Facebook group or Discord group! If necessary you can also contact the current club president, Lucas, at kreidl2@illinois.edu. To find us in person, we’ll always be at the general meetings, which are on Saturday from 1PM to 7PM. Check out the calendar for more details.

To sign up for our weekly emailing list, click here.

Meet the Officers- Fall 2015

President – Jacob Allen

 Jacob Photo Hello. This isn’t Jacob. When I asked Jacob for a bio he said, and I quote, “Have it be bios are lame. CUZ THEY ARE.” So, there you have it. If you DID come here to know anything, though, I can tell you that Jacob recently transferred to UIUC and is a sophomore currently studying Computer Engineering. Oh yeah, and he’s the President. so he’ll be meandering around getting to know you guys and playing games with you and whatnot. If you wanted to know what Jacob’s like, I think the picture to the left is explanation enough.

Social Chair – Sarah Lord

Sarah Photo Hey there. My name is Sarah and I’m currently a junior studying Computer Science and Linguistics. I enjoy all kinds of different video games, from casual games and simulators to action and RPGs. Most of my background was in PC gaming, growing up playing MMORPGS with my dad and sister – games like Guild Wars and (don’t laugh) even Runescape. In recent years I have begun to enjoy video games like Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Portal, Animal Crossing, and Smite (which is the best game of all time and those who disagree are scrubs and should fite me irl). I have become super fond of board games upon joining this club. I love talking to people, doing fun things, food, and spending money I don’t have. If you have any suggestions for events, feedback, or questions, feel free to ask me.

Public Relations – April Granzow

April Photo Hi, my name is April and I’m the current outreach officer. I’m a junior who is transferring to the History department to teach high school social studies, with a minor in Linguistics. I designed the new logo and design and distribute posters for club events. I like to try new things, board games or console games alike when at the club. Outside of the club I’m predominantly a PC gamer and tabletop RPG player, as well as an occasional Magic player. Over the summers I’m a counselor at Concordia Language Villages and I have run my own board game club there (in Swedish). My personal board game collection is small but growing. My game of choice is Dota 2, but I’m a huge fan of point-and-click adventure games. My all time favorite is Curse of Monkey Island.

Treasurer – Andrew Nguyen

Andrew I’m Andrew Nguyen and I’m the SGC’s treasurer. I’m in charge of money and tournaments. I grew up a Nintendo fanboy and have owned all the major Nintendo consoles up to date. I currently play a lot of Smash Brothers and League of Legends, along with being in general an avid PC gamer.

Webmaster – Daryl Lim

Daryl Photo Heyo, it’s your friendly neighborhood Spiderman (get it? Webmaster… Spider – nevermind). My name is Daryl and I’m currently a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering. As your Webmaster I’ll be in charge of all of our online media such as the Facebook page and group, the Steam group, Twitch/Youtube channel, and of course this website as well. I love playing any and all board games and spend most of my free time crushing dreams at League of Legends and taking names at Hearthstone. If you have any questions or just wanna chat, feel free to hit me up at club or through any of our numerous methods of communication. Ciao!

Secretary – Conrado Robles

 11990572_1042891529088864_3791530808265157086_n Hello, I’m the secretary of SGC and the oldest member of the SG Crew. I’m a 5th year student here at the University of Illinois studying Earth Science-Secondary Education. You might find me on Smash 3DS or any other Smash Bros game; or in a pub TF2 match, wanting to challenge you to a rock, paper, scissors fight. I enjoy playing all genres of video games and recently got into a lot of board/card games like BANG!, Ticket to Ride, and Sentinels of the Multiverse. Hope we can have a good time, partner. Now slap my hand! Slap it now! Trust this is not a Trick……….
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