2v2 Brawl Tournament


Congratulations to our top competitors

1st Place: Sean & Hamaad
2nd Place: Jad & Anthony
3rd Place: Paul & Kieran


This club event will take place during our general meeting. We are running this event solely for fun. No prizes will be involved. Below you will find details about when the tournament will be run as well as details about the tournament setup. We hope everyone who plays has a good time.

General Information


Saturday, September 20th




Lincoln Hall Room 1000

What do I need to bring?

Feel free to bring your own controller. We will supply the consoles, game, projectors, and additional controllers.

Tournament Ruleset

Tournament Structure

2v2 team tournament with double elimination. There will be a winners and losers bracket where the winners bracket team will fight the losers bracket team for the championship

Round Length

All matches will be a “best of one”

Game Time

The matches will be played out with 3 stock with a maximum timer of 8 minutes.

Legal Character


Stage Selection

The stage will be randomly chosen each round from the following selection
Battlefield, Castle Siege, Final Destination, Lylat Cruise, Pokémon Stadium 1, SmashVille, and Yoshi’s Island

Additional Rules

Items will be turned OFF and NONE
Team attack will be turned ON
Pause will be turned OFF
All of rules not mentioned will be the game default

We will end up keeping track of the teams and names of the participants. We will then post the bracket online after the tournament is over.


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